I’m a scientist, a homeowner in Silver Spring, MD, and a mom.

My grandmother was an immigrant who fought for for workers’ rights in New York  City. She was also an abused woman who left her husband to save my father’s life and her own. My mother was a union shop steward and an outspoken feminist. From these strong women, I learned to stand up for myself and others.

For almost two decades, I’ve worked with scientists and policymakers to protect our world from the devastation of climate change. I’ve stood up for racial equality and marched for religious freedom. I’ve been a clinic escort and a women’s shelter volunteer.

In 2015, my children were picked up by the police and held by child protective services  for walking home from the playground by themselves. For six months, county officials harassed our family, terrified our children, and charged my husband and me with child neglect. But we fought back to protect our family and to ensure than no other families would suffer the way we did. And we won. With the help of all the county residents who stood with us, we made the police department and CPS change their policies. By standing together, we won.

I’m running for County Council At-Large to stand up for all Montgomery County children and families. To fight for:

A quality public education for all children, from pre-K to community college.

Living wages and investment in the small businesses that support our communities.

Clean air and zero waste to protect our shared environment and the climate we depend on.

I know from personal experience that when we stand together, we win. Join me and we can build a brighter future for all of Montgomery County.


Here are some in-depth interviews: